Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Year of Jewelry Project 2011

Have you heard of the newest project? The Year of Jewelry Project 2011 - "One piece per week, for a year".

This is a fun site/blog that challenges jewelry artists to create one piece of jewelry a week and post it on this group blog.

Weekly themes are provided to help with any creative block, or you can come up with your own.

I signed up and am waiting for my log in information. I am really excited about participating. You can come play too!!! Here is what you need to know about Getting Started.

Please note that to participate in the first quarter of this year, you can sign up through January 7 - there is still 2 more days!!! The next signup period is March 19-25, 2011.

Stop by and see the blog, and bookmark it. It could be fun to stop by once a week or so and see all the new designs.

Hope to see you there!!!


  1. Omg! I want to try this! I will have to take a closer look at this tomorrow (my day off). How exciting!

  2. I just foudn this and signed up and am waiting for my log in info as well! I am hoping to get something done in time to post by Saturday I think it said!

    It's going to be a fun and interesting year, don't you think?!

    MiShel Designs

  3. This seems like a really cool adventure. I would love to make the commitment, but I don't think I'll have the time this year. I'm looking forward to watching you work through it. :)

  4. I have got to get my butt in gear and get something made.......i have to make a pair of earrings for a customer order - that may be my first post :)