Monday, January 3, 2011

Informaiton Mondays - What are Inchies??

I found a new term today to a new craft - Inchies. Ever heard of them?
I ran across them while promoting a new artist on the Crazy Train at

The artist today, Rozine creates digital images that can be used in Inchies.

What the tarnation is an inchie!?! I have to know and begin my search. Earliest mention I see of them is from 2006. So - wow - I am out of the loop:) How do I see them described? Miniature works of art or Tiny masterpieces. Some I have seen - a group of inchies, that combined in a collage, create a beautiful scene. They are used for many things, from magnets to jewelry to business cards to artist cards.

Here is an beautiful example of polymer clay inches from Craft

Fun blogs dedicated to inchies:
Inchie INKlings
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Fabric Inchie How to!!!
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And also the inchie cousins - Rinchie, Twinchie and Moo's

I have seen them made from fabric, photos, paper, polymer clay - what ever you can squish, mold, cut, glue, sew, stamp, scan and stable into a square inch is game!!! What would you use?

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  1. Inchies were the BIG HIT here for the last two years. Each and everyone made them in all materials possible. I even saw embroidered ones. Never tried to make some, but I love to look at these little works of art.