Friday, January 21, 2011

Question for you

How do you stay organized?
How do you stay on track?
Do you have a daily schedule that you stick to, or do you wing it each day?
What tools do you use?
Do you set goals?


  1. I have a simple system called "Fresszettel" in German. This can be any piece of paper or the upper right corner of the daily newspaper. As long as it has enough space to write my to-do-list for the day on it. I learnt that when I write this list I can get things easier done than without that list. Without it I get easily distracted. I try to achieve all the goals on the list, but sometimes I got to be realistic and can only start something.
    I started this list thing in office and thought it is a good idea for home, too.

  2. Good questions and I'll be interested in the comments! Myself, I wing it, but I've been thinking about a schedule. There just aren't enough hours in the day and I think it would be very helpful to schedule blocks of time to accomplish certain things, daily and weekly.

  3. @Kokopelli - Lists are good, I always have a notebook with me

    @Jana - exactly.i think if i got around to actually making a schedule as opposed to having an idea of what i want to do, i could accomplish much more

  4. I make a list then number each item as to what I want (or that needs) to get done first. I try each day to cross everything off my list, but since that doesn't always happen, I move what didn't get finished over to the next days list and continue on from there. At the end of each day, I do feel a sense of accomplishment for the things I cross off each day.