Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Teal Items for Auction - Ovarian Cancer Awareness

This was a more difficult project than I had expected. I sat at my computer table - with a movie on in the background and tried to get lost in this endeavor.

And I sat......

Nothing was coming. Nothing was inspiring. Nothing was happening.

I thought about Jill. This wasn't her first bout with cancer. She was a survivor. I remember in 2007, Jill had to have a round of chemo, and she was worried about, well what we all worry about, losing our hair. She was a school teacher, and as her hair thinned, could she handle all of the questions and stares, and how would she explain she was loosing her hair to her kids?

I didn't want her to feel alone, and those who know me, know, hair is an accessory. It will either turn loose or turn gray, but until it does, it is mine to do with as I please. So in solidarity, I shaved my head.

I kept my head shaved for months, not just a one time deal. Bic'n my head twice a day, to keep it smooth, and rubbing it with tea tree oil to sooth my psoriasis that protested to each scrape of the blade. I wasn't going to leave her alone.

I thought about this, and I thought about, how she wore wigs, fun wigs, pink and purple as a 'just because' while her hair was short and thin. Like I said, she was a survivor.

As I thought about these stories and the memories I have of her, the ideas began to roll in. Let me tell you why I made the choices for beads that I did. I chose the fair trade beads, because of their colors and because fair trade empowers people - Jill quality. The fair trade beads are from Kakar Jewelry.

I chose the apatite for it's properties - Apatite is a stone that mystically can stimulate the thoughts and ideas. It is said to increase intellect, imagination, and intuitive awareness. As a meditation or awareness tool It is said to help you maintain focus, learn, concentrate effectively, think clearly, and communicate better. As I said - Jill was a teacher, I can't think of a better stone.

And then pearls. Pearls attune the wearer to ebb and flow of life. They are calming and centering. They give purity and promote faith, charity, and integrity, truth and loyalty. Jill was a pearl. She had so many beautiful layers to who she was. She never hid any of them.

I designed two sets, hoping to please broader range of people. There is a 'statement' piece and a more subtle piece.

Set 1:

Set 2:

This was a tuff assignment. Needing them to be good enuff, needing to believe in myself, and my creations and need to believe they will cause an awareness.


  1. Tish you have beautiful bald head and your sets are perfect so don't doubt yourself. Whoever gets one of these sets will be one lucky person.

  2. This was a very beautiful post - you're a thoughful person! Love the colors, love the baldness, you look fabulous! Lucky are the ones who receive the gorgeous designs you created with such love and honor!