Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Something from the Heart

You know I think my daughter is the coolest, it isn't something I am humble about, and this just proves it.

I got home from work last nite, and had an envelope from The Jo.

*think* *think*

What ever could she be sending me. I opened the envelope and out fell all of these funny little cards. Some with memories, some with sayings, and some with drawings. I giggled and giggled as I read thru each one.

One says -
"Someone is stealing from me" - we say this when we misplace something. We could never be absent minded and loose something - oh no - someone stole it from me!

A drawing of -
"Pengin Party" - I love penguins (I pronounce it pengin) What a better party than with a bunch of pengins!!!

And so many more!

Just this funny little gesture did so much for me. Lifted my spirits, energized me, gave me focus, all of this because someone thought of me, and sent me a laff.

I am going to laminate them, and glue magnet strips to the back and hang them on my ice box.

It is so true how it is not the gift, but the thought behind the gift that leaves a lasting impression on us.

Are you thinking of someone? Have you had someone heavy on your heart lately? Scrawl them out a silly little picture of a funny memory you had with them, and pop it in the mail - it will cost you your time, and the price of a stamp but it will be worth so much more!!!!

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