Thursday, January 27, 2011

Memory Wire Choker

Leigh sent me a picture of a bracelet that she wanted me to try and make -

So cute with that little ribbon tied onto it. It is from Old Navy. It is an elastic bracelet

*insert Psycho theme* *We we we we we we we we we*

I can't tie a knot!!!

So I thought, I'll do it with memory wire. I used some Bead a Lon memory wire I had (I don't recommend this brand for memory wire, it stretches and will not hold it's shape) and for the sake of the experiment, I thought I would give it a try.

The agate beads were too heavy and it would hang off the wrist. There was no way you could functional wear this as a bracelet.

*think* *think*

What about a choker. I tried it on - IT FIT PERFECT!!!

Front view

Back veiw

This is a real fun design, and so easy to wear!

There never is a real failure is there - always an opportunity to learn something new!!!

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