Monday, January 10, 2011

Just a Peek - Working with teal

I am working on an auction piece to help raise money in memory of Jill McDermott. A memorial fund was established after she lost her battle with ovarian cancer by her husband Jon. Keeping in the awareness color of teal for ovarian cancer, I have this collection I am working with.

Two strands of pearls, two strands of apatite and several Fair Trade beads.

More to come.


  1. It will be lovely Tish and it's a beautiful thing you are doing helping to raise money. Ovarian cancer is such a terrible disease, so hard to diagnose in it's early stages when it may have been possible to treat it. Hope that one day they discover a simple screening test that will be available for all females, something like a mammogram or pap smear.

  2. Ovarian cancer is such a terrible disease as Davinia pointed out - but what a wonderful thing you are doing!

    I love all the 'teal' colors you have gathered - very nice!