Monday, October 4, 2010

Timi and Leslie Sahara Tag-a-Long Diaper Tote - Product Review

I got an email from Kate of CSN Stores offering me a chance to review some of their awesome products! CSN Store offers shopping on more than 200 websites! Everything from home decor to clothes, to health & fitness to gardening, and so much more!!!

Being that my blog is about jewelry and jewelry related things (98% of the time) I wanted to keep the product I reviewed relative to that. Boy was that hard!!! You should see all the choices and great deals!! (Then they have the Contest Corner - *smacks forehead* you really need to see that!)

So what did I get? Welp, I have been looking for a tote, something sturdy and pockety and pretty and compartmenty, you get the idea. There was nothing that was 'craft' specific, but I did find this great diaper tote. This is a Timi and Leslie Sahara Tag-a-Long Diaper Tote.

It is pretty, and well made and double stitched to be extra sturdy. I feel confident I can load this puppy up with beads, magazines, tools, bottles of water, lunch, first aid kit, Nintendo DS, books....*blink* *blink* ok, maybe I am getting ahead of myself.

Zipper pocket on the side along with 4 deep pockets around the rest of the tote. The pockets are held closed with a magnet sewn into the fabric to be extra secure! There is the handle straps or there is a removable shoulder strap. Carry it the way you want it!

Inside, tucked away in one of the pockets is this great little 'changing mat'. It is nice to know you would have a clean surface to change your baby on, but I am thinking, it is a great way to carry my tools!! I don't have to worry about being poked or stuck with a sharp edge!!

Here is the inside view of the tote, taken from the website.

I wanted you to see all the storage and organizing capability of this tote. I don't have mine packed yet :) This is perfect for any event, or take it on vacation! It is just a nice bag all around!

Thanks Kate for making me this offer!!!


  1. Great idea for a craft bag Tish and the use of the change pad for you tools is clever.

  2. That is pretty! And handy, too. That will be perfect!