Wednesday, October 6, 2010

ArtFire Wed. Collection - Opal and Pink Tourmaline


  1. Great collection Tish, I must try making one. I didn't realise you could do a 4 photo one. The thought of looking through everything to find 12 photos was a little daunting for me. Plus I've been neglecting Artfire a bit whilst trying to get my little market stall up and running.

  2. Now I've clicked on the collection I see it's more than 4 pieces...silly me. You've just pared it down for your blog.

  3. Hi Tish!

    Tooooooooouuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrmaline, I love this stone. You picked good!

    Hey, I want to also let you know via your blog (how appropriate), that ONCE AGAIN you've been selected as one of Rings & Things' "Blog Partners" winners! [For September this time.]

    Email me, or contact me via Facebook or Twitter, to let me know your postal address - - and I'll get your "Goodie Bag" right to you!


    -- Dave
    at Rings & Things