Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Picture Jasper Focal Pendant from Rings & Things!

Let me just say - I love this focal pendant. !!! * I love picture jasper!!!

It was so easy to put these pieces together, it nearly made itself. The shape, colors and pattern of the pendant work with just about anything. I stood out in the yard this morning with my dogs, sloppin around in the wet leaves and carried this pendant around with me. The neighboor has a burning bush in their yard, quite similar to this -

A lot of the inspiration of the necklace came from this.

It was fun to put all of the different components together to make an organized random mix of beads, textures and colors. The eclectic look makes the necklace as versatile as it is unique.

This is one I will most likely keep for myself :)

Thanks Rings & Things for such a great pendant to work with!

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