Friday, October 8, 2010

Supporting local artists and promoting yourself.

When I pack and order and get it ready, I like to ad that "extra touch" to the order. I wrap the item in a little pouch, add a thank you card with a personal note, ya know.. just the little things.

I was buying hand made note cards from a little store that featured local artists. I like to keep note cards handy for when I take a notion to sit down and scribble out a hello to someone I have had on my mind for a few days. It is a good feeling to promote other artists, isn't that why we have our wares out there? For others to buy? That little store closed *sniff* and I got lazy. I was out buying groceries one day, and found an assorted box of blank note cards and threw them in the cart and was on my merry way.

I needed to get back into that 'Buy Handmade' mode and not take the short cuts, but I didn't know what I wanted. I wanted a note card, but I didn't want anything big. I wanted something cute that set apart the order from any others that customer may have received. Honestly, it isn't that I couldn't have done it myself, I could. But Why? I have so much going on, to take the time to buy all of the supplies to make the cards I want, to take the time to sit down and make the cards I want, I would not have the time to make the jewelry I want. That make sense? How was I going to find what I wanted for cards. How was I going to find that perfect accent to all of my orders? So I took a bit of inspiration from items I had received in the past.

Here is an example:
I won a wonderful crocheted necklace from Be~Jeweled by Jana back in April and blogged about it here. Here is this simple, yet elegant card, a small gift box wrapped in a bow and including a signature sticker. Inside was a cute little printed thank you card and a little bit about the item. Brilliant!! Jana's hand writing is art in itself.

Or how about:
I ordered a pair of earrings from Ahtee's Designs. I had had my eye on them after see them on her blog and just had to have them. I blogged about them here. I loved her little box wrapped with a ribbon and the store logo sticker on the top.

And then there is:
In April I also won a pair of earrings for Pearl and Pebble and blogged about them here. Her packaging was simple, but so beautiful, and her hand writing - Oy, to die for! April was a lucky month for me :)

I stopped in a few local stores that offer a schmattering of products from local artists and didn't really find what I wanted. Then I headed to Isn't that what it really is about? Promoting artists, hand made items, artist community and a sense of belonging? That is where I found Peculiar Parchment. What a fun store!!! Tons of cute little card offerings for all occasions.

I got this great assortment of mini thank you cards. They are about the size of a business card folded in half.

These are the perfect size. Not too small, so I can get a personalized note in there, and not too big where I feel I need to write more to fill up the space.

Have you seen my hand writing? *rolls eyes* I really don't want to write anymore than I have to. I have worked on computers too long, and believe I have lost the gene that allows me to control a pen and push it on a piece of paper. I am really embarrassed to write thank you notes with orders, but at the same time, it is part of me so I should embrace it......right???
This is a sample of my writing.

Can you read it? It is very frustrating to my mother, who had penmanship in school to see my scrawling.

Buying these little accents from other artists is a great way to support their craft and a great way to set you apart. Taking the time to add that personal touch, is a great way to promote yourself and your craft by having the same quality of customer service as the quality of your product.

What are your ideas on packaging and personal notes with your orders? Do you feel it is necessary or is it overkill?

Oh yeah, and Jana's necklace...... goes GREAT with my tie dyed overalls :)

Have a great weekend kids!!!!


  1. Right on! (Pun intended ;-)
    I am migrating my stock of business cards I designed and had printed at Vistaprint very inexpensively to ones that are designed and made for me by a local artist who sells her wares on Etsy and has been featured in bridal magazines ( It costs more but it is more me, less mass produced, higher quality. I have half size business cards for description tags where I handwrite the name and the materials. That is my little bit of love. I also believe in packaging. I use copper boxes with a special clear sticker, and chocolate satin ribbon with my name and key logo in copper emboss. And a sig tag is added to every piece (a tiny hand-stamped key). I like your idea to seek out someone to make me some special thank you notes. I will add that next on my list. Thanks for the awesome inspiration today!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. I am with you on the business cards. I got mine done professionally to. I think they portray who I am and what I do better. Hand written tags are a great idea!!! (can I hire you to write them for me :)) I am getting ready to do the sig tags as well. I just had to wait to get all the materials. I would love to see your packaging - can you share a link?

    Thanks for the comment!!!

  3. Oh you'd love Erin's packaging. I was lucky enough to win a necklace from her and I have kept the box and ribbon and card that it was sent in because it's just so gorgeous. I'm a bit slack with the packaging, well not slack, just trying to keep the outrageous cost of Australian postage to a minimum for my customers.

  4. That is what I am talking about - what can you do to set yourself apart. You have higher postage, so a box and ribbons would really not work for you, because the extra weight is a factor. But you do package each piece in the cel-eh-fain envelope and you add a written note. Perfect! You are still adding that personal touch that makes the customer feel appreciated.
    I have boxes - I don't use them. They are a pain to store, most of my things don't fit in them (the bulky necklaces) and for earrings, I like the small zip lock baggies. It is all a matter of preference. That is what is the great thing about being an artist - we get to be the creative one ;)

  5. Thank you for mentioning me! We were gone all weekend so I'm catching up on my blogs this morning! Funny, I think my handwriting is horrible! Love the tye die overalls! I'm glad you're enjoying the necklace.

    I've also received packages from Rose, Davinia and Erin and they were all special! The fabric pouch you put the pendant in is just perfect. Those extra touches just make you smile when you open the package!