Thursday, October 7, 2010

Copper swirls

This is a little fun and EASY necklace set I came up with as a give away for reaching 200 fans on my FaceBook fan page.

This was crazy easy, but time consuming. The swirls were very easy and hammered to strengthen. I added a bit of a decorative wrap to the pendant and added seed beads for a bit of a distraction.

The chain is hand wound links of 20 ga copper, wrapped in a figure 8 and sloppy wrapped in the middle. I hammered 6 figure 8 links from 14 ga copper to break up the design a bit. I love the sloppy chain. It gives it a real artistic look, and makes it seem a bit more organic!


  1. I have a recent fascination with wrapping beads on wire. I love the swirly pendant. Did you make the earring wires too?

  2. @Rose, i am all about wrapping beads on wire. it is all i do as of late :) yes, i make the ear wires as well. they are easy peasy pumpkin cheesy - i'll put up a tutorial tomorrow