Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer colors

Normally I do this once a month. I like to show the colors of the season to help give an idea of what colors you will see while you are out and about during the season and to also let you co ordinate your next bead purchase to the ensemble you may be wearing.

So what did I find from Fashion Trendsetter for Summer 2009?




We see a lot of pinks, blues and browns. Fun way to mix up some color and textures. Some ruff, earthy toned crinkle satin and the smooth blue hues of lapis, think forest by a lake. Or how about a sandy colored cotton top with a necklace made of yellow poly clay shaped into daisies. How awesome is that.

My biggest problem is I have all the idea, and never enuff time to make it all!!!

Would love to hear your ideas!


  1. Me too! Not enough time!! Whyyyyyyyyyy??? Okay, sorry for whining right out here in public for all to see and "hear"!! On a more positive note, I LOVE The pinks!! So very cheerful!!

  2. Hi Tish! Hope you don't mind, I placed a link back to your site in my "today's bead" article today. Since I was posting a nice pink bead, I thought it would be fun to mention the trend setter website and summery color trends. Again, I really hope you don't mind! thanks!!!