Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday quickie - R&T June Challenge part 2

Man I am running behind today. Woke up this morning to a destroyed couch, and the carpet and the pad beneath were pulled off of the landing, and my dogs were quietly slumbering outside my bedroom door as if nothing had happened.


James and Kel had cleaned last nite, while I was at work, in anticipation of our daughters arrival, only to have it all destroyed, and I did a do-over this morning.


Leigh is coming home tonite for a long weekend and will be welcomed by a pack of happy dappy dawgs, and a dirty house! Oh the glories of going home.

I am not as prepared as I wanted to be with a piece, so I am just going to show you what I made as my second installment of the Rings & Things June Challenge.

I wanted to use the Mirage bead as a focal. I am really thrilled with these beads. I have one concern, and that is the finish. The gloss is brilliant, and I hope it can withstand being a focal, and not dull or scratch. Time will tell.

I was looking at the pattern on the bead, and in an abstract way, reminded me of a garden fence. Thinking gardens, wisteria was the first thing that popped into my mind. I love wisteria. Love it. So, I went with it.


Wisteria under Summer Sky

And I am taking it for a test drive today. I will be wearing it to pick up my daughter from the airport after work. I am sure by the time we get to the truck she will have taken it off of me and will be wearing it :)

I'll try not to be too MIA over the weekend.

Later Kids!


  1. Excellent conceptualization - I really see it! Have a wonderful time, I know when my daughter is here it's like the whole world is happier!

  2. I love that you showed the photo you were inspired by!! That is so great, I love how well you create what is in your mind. I wish you could teach that, I need a lesson!

  3. Daughter "borrowing" your jewelry right off you: great success. :) Have a good weekend, Tish!