Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where the beads are!

It is already June 9th, where did the time go!!

Fathers day is coming and I know a lot of people are looking for that last minute gift. Why not make him a necklace? Fun styles guys may wear are easy peasy - like a pendant on leather, or a simple wrapped pendant. Try something fun with chips, or smaller stones.

Sedona stones has some great donuts for a quick simple style.

Your dad a motorcycle enthusiast? If he is like the ones we ride with, theme his gift with a skull bead

Rings & Things has what you need for that great turquoise necklace for dad

Throw in some coral

Mebbe some sterling

What dad wouldn't love it!

Art Beads has some hot pendant ideas that would be great for dad!
You don't need to add to this - this is awesome just by itself.

Really does it get much easier!

What are your Fathers Day ideas?


  1. That pendant on the bottom is tres nice. Out of all these cool beads, it gets this dad's vote. :)


  2. I was partial to it myself, but then again, i have that same tatoo :)