Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gettin round to it - Rings & Things Challenge - Silver tone necklace

Here is it June and I am still mulling over Rings & Things May blogger challenge. The satin cord and the gold and silver tone chain are giving me a run for my money. I didn't want to just hang a pendant from the chain. I was determined to try and incorporate the chain into the design.

This type of chain (Chain, 18", Serpentine (Silver Plated)) doesn't co operate easily. The mechanics of the chain offer a firm, less flexible design, that is perfect for pendants. Why did I not take this into consideration when I set out to tackle this project.

I am stubborn sometimes.

I took some random spring colors (I have noticed I have been on an orange kick lately - but it stands to reason, orange is the color of creativity!) of 10/1 seed beads and threaded them onto my beading wire. I attached the beading wire to the chain by looping it around the chain and pulling it up real close and crimping it. Then I wrapped it around the chain using several different 'tighnesses' of the loops to give it a more cascading look. I attached it the same way at the other end. I created simple charms and wire wrapped them to some of the bigger loops, and then finally added a millefiori bead as a focal.


This is the toughest challenge to date! Thanks Dave and Rings and Things for pushing me this month!


  1. ooh that pink one is prettyyy. i wish i could make jewlery. thats awesome :D