Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rings & Things June Challenge

This month Rings & Things gave us creative reign over our choices.
Hardest challenge to date.

Your mission is, if you choose to accept it, spend $50.00 and make something glorious.

Sounds easy enuff, right? *sigh*

Do you know how many products they have? A Gazillion! I know for a fact, cuz I counted them all.

This task put in front of me, I began to search, and look, and whine, and wish. There was too much too look at, too much to take in. So I had to take a second route in my purchase decision. First in my head, I had to create what I wanted, and then work from there. Which is what I did, and you can see the thought process in my previous post.

Here is a quick referece to what I got

Mirage Daisy Ray Bead

Dyed Coral 4 x 7 Tube Bead (Green and shiney and ooooohhh sooooo purty!!!)

Copper, Double Spiral Bead

Dyed Coral 4mm Round Bead

Magnesite, 15x20mm Nugget Bead

Magnesite, 13x18 Puffed Rectangle Bead

After it was all sed and dun, Here is what I came up with -

I have some left over, we'll see what happens tomorrow -

Same Bat Time! Same Bat Channel!


  1. Love it! Those mirage beads are really cool, I may get some eventually now that I've seen them used. The magnesite does a very nice turquoise imitation, too.

    And this has been hardest challenge so far for me too. Mostly because I've fallen into a bit of a creative slump so I can't figure out what to get. I've already got a stash of copper blanks from them so I'm thinking along those lines.

  2. - Looks like some great summertime designs are going on with Just A Tish. Your multi-layer necklace has great visual interest, plus I think if I wore anything like it, I'd have fun playing with it :) Neat mix of sizes and textures there, Tish!