Monday, June 29, 2009

Marketing Monday

A few days ago I shared some offline marketing tips by Shelly Hill. She says you should try to do at least two a week. I was looking thru them earlier and I may jump in hip deep and try -

#42. Get some canvas tote bags printed up with your business information on them. Pass them out to a few lady friends and ask them to use them when they are out and about in the community attending events or running errands.

Everyone has become waste conscience, not wanting to use disposable bags, paper or plastic and are moving to re usable totes. It got me thinking. I don't throw away any odds and ends, because there may be a use for them down the road. I love re purposed jewelry. Breathing new life into old pieces. With that in mind I will be looking online at the likes of cafepress and zazzle and see if i can get a good price on some small totes, and start the whisper campaign :)

EDIT - This tote thing is redonkulously expensive!! I need to do some rethinking.......

I announced my monthly contest giveaway on my facebook page for July this weekend. I am offering this as the prize.

I was sluffing around this weekend, with a ho-hum kinda attitude, and thought I would make some new pieces to lift my spirits. Being that the garnet was already out, I made earrings and necklace to compliment the July's braclete give away.

I made the necklace a convertible style necklace - you can hook it at the top or the bottom of the chain link, giving it to distinct looks. I packed it full of garnet, citrine, carnelian and vintage crystals. I had no rhyme or reason behind how I attached the stones. Some had sterling beads added to them, some did not.

What are you doing to market you business?

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