Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday quickie

Am working 9 - 6 this week and at first i thought it would be a joy. To get to work early, and then to be home with my husband and cook some supper and have some alone time.....

Not happening........

My sanity seems to come from that fact that i work an oppisite shift than my husband. I work 12 - 9. It is awesome. I typically get up around 5:30/6 and start my day.

Cleaning, laundry, walking the dogs, make breakfast, make lunch, workin in the yard, running errands, working out, making jewelry, I have all morning to get done what I need to get done, including most times cooking supper and putting it up in the ice box for when James gets home.

Working 9 - 6 is a different matter. I get up at the same time, but I feel rushed. I only have 2 hours. My energy is all out of whack, and I am rushing round, here and there, and the dags are picking up on it, and they are out of control. I have cleaned up more after them in the last two days than I have in the last 4 months.

This morning I had a couple idea's rolling around in my head, and i really wanted to sit down and get some work done. Newd would have none of it. He was in the trash, in the cat box, barking at the cats, barking at the window, whining at the door, running up and down the stairs....this is not my dog. Between chasing him down, picking up shreded toilet paper, pulling shreded toilet paper out of his mouth, hiding the cat in the bed room, taking the dogs out for a ruff and tumble, I managed to do this.....

Ever wonder what else to do with jump rings? Why not let them be part of the focal of a design instead of the foundation.

These puppies took about 4 minutes to make, including the picture taking - these are a great last minute fashion accent.

Here is what I used

Rings & Things 37-136-7 Jump Ring, Medium, Copper
Rings & Things 46-702-11 Wire, Colourcraft, 22g,15yd,Copper
Art Beads BBA-EAR03 Antique Brass-Plated Plain Earwire
10 mm Malachite beads

Cut two pieces of copper wire, about 2" in lenght and crimp the ends to make head pins.

Slide on the malachite bead and 3 of the jump rings.

Make your wire wrapped loop down towards the bottom of your chain nosed pliers so that the loop is bigger than the jump rings - pesky physics......

Attach the ear wires, and use your coffee cup as a quick back drop - and Viola!!!!

I also played around with an old stick of ram from a thousand years ago, don't know whether to make it a pin or a necklace.

But this is a different story and another cup of coffee so...

I will say one good thing bout workin 9 - 6, I get to ride :)

Ain't nutthun like screamin down the interstate on a stolen Harley, in tie dyed overalls and mis matched chucks listening to Zeplins, Black dog - no sir, ain't nutthun like it :)

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