Monday, August 13, 2018

Dendritic Agate - What Are the Properties of this Stone!

Let's talk about dendritic agate!

Dendritic agate is a stone in the chalcedony family, "agate" , with manganese inclusions, called dendrites - thus the name :)

The color of the agate can be from clear to white with the manganese inclusions, you may even see a white agate with green inclusions, called Tree Agate. 

Dendritic agate is the stone of plenty and abundance. It has been known to be buried in soil of garden beds and farm lands to promote healthy and large yields from crops. 

This stone resembles the branches of a tree or plant and in turn is known for healing the skeletal, nervous and vascular system, which also 'branch' out in us. 

It is a great stone of protection and inner peace.  It promotes a peaceful environment. Great fo those with a green thumb. 

I love looking at the patterns of this agate. This stone and I have had several long moments together. Each time I pick it up to work with it, I find myself getting lost in its patterns and beauty, that I never get anything done! Because of the patterns and how I get lost in it, it is also a great stone for digging deep inwardly.  Use with meditation or self exploration and discovery and in turn healing of the past. 

I will wrap this into a pendant, I really will :)

Until then, I will continue to marvel at nature and her creations with wonderment and amazement. 

All of my jewelry creations are based on the metaphysical properties of the stones or the colors that are incorporated. Jewelry should be a window to our soul, a protector of our emotions and a companion to our spirit. All of my other creations come directly from my heart in hopes they touch yours as well. Celebrate yourself with healing jewelry, and other gift ideas made with love!

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