Friday, August 31, 2018

Pantone Fall 2018 Color Report

Going into Sept every year I always take a peek at the Pantone choices for fall colors.  I know the colors are announced a season ahead, which makes sense because of the timeline needed for creation and production, but I think it is fun to wait and look. 

I love this year!

Red pear, valiant poppy, nebulas blue, ceylon yellow, martini olive (yum!)
Russet orange, ultra violet, crocus petal, limelight, quetzal green

What is fun, without even looking at the fall colors until I wrote this post, I almost feel I am in tuned to what is going on this year, based on the color choices of my new tie dye shirt I made yesterday!!

I dont' think i was that far off do you??

More tie dye to come!

Thanks for stopping by, and remember - be peaceful, be kind it is important!!!

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