Friday, August 24, 2018

Tie Dye Powder Haul!

I am so excited!!
I am browsing Instagram the other day and I see a post from a local artist that is destashing. She is getting rid of a lot of her tie dye powders and a few other things. 
I sent her a message because I am extremely interested. 

I went to her house and she loaded up these three bags with powder tubs. 83 of them. Several of them were still sealed, and most of them had only one application used. The majority of them are the Dharma Trading Co. brand, which I am really familiar with. 

I am just giddy about this haul!!

I now have to go through them all, catalog them, and I am making a 'swatch' page with the names of each of the colors, and a little sample of what the color looks like on heavy water color paper. I can hang that on the wall, and at a glance have an idea of what the colors look like. It will help when putting together color combinations for new scarves and shirts. 

What a blessing this was, and I am just so grateful for it. 

I'll post some pics of the new scarves next week!!!

Thanks for stopping by, and remember - be peaceful, be kind it is important!!!

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