Thursday, March 10, 2011

Window Shopping at ArtFire

I have an addiction to ArtFire. The talent that is showcasing there is amazing.

I went for a stroll thru my hot list this afternoon of the items that make me drool, and I wanted to share some of them with you.

Another Era - surreal art pocket mirror by Big Helmet Head

Love in a Primeval Forest - Silver and Dichroic Glass Pendant - by Kells Creations

Floppit #39 - The Original Floppet by Karen Searls

Modern Abstract Huge Canvas Oil Painting40 by donspricly

Polymer Clay Toggle Clasp Necklace - by Back Pocket Designs

What do you have hotlisted at ArtFire?


  1. You picked some interesting things! I love the painting.

    I haven't been to ArtFire in a while. I'm trying to avert my eyes because I am SO incredibly broke. My son's 2nd grade tuition is obscene. He'd better be a physicist by the time he hits 4th grade.

  2. @Pretty Things - it is good to dream :)