Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Copper Wire Wrapped Cuff

I will say these are my favorite things to make. (this week anyways) They never come out as planned and you can never get too much color in them :)

Glass pearls and faceted glass roundels from Rings & Things are the focals for this cuff. Those blue glass pearls go GREAT with copper. Seed beads, fluorite, amethyst and crystals finish off the design.

It's big!
It's loud!
I screams - I double dog dare you!

I love having at least one piece that is outside my comfort zone, that pushes me over the edge to take a plunge and be free for a day. Do you have an item that is outside of your comfort zone? Post a link in the comments, I would love to see it!


  1. I'm still coming to terms with wearing dangly earrings. Still feel a bit like mutton dressed up as lamb.
    Gorgeous bracelet Tish, love the colours and your fabulous wire work.

  2. Ya know, that is how I am about wearing chains - like a pendant on a chain.....funny isn't it ;)