Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More in the Jo Jo Collection

My daughter has sent me several images of the jewelry she likes and always asks - "Can you make this?" What I have noticed is the use of ribbon in so many pieces. I didn't have ribbon, but I have a ton of fabric.

I cut a thin piece of fabric and 'distressed' it to use it for the accent of this piece. I had some earrings I was going to re purpose - they were a perfect match!

It is fun and trendy and youthful. I don't intend to grow up, so I may wear it too!

Sometimes while I am making a new piece, it will remind me of a person. This reminded me of my daughter. She loves a non traditional piece that will go with everything, or even more fun, clash with EVERYTHING! She loves her accessories to make a statement.

I had that pendant for ever and finally got around to working it into a piece. It is daring with the asymmetrical design and the mixing of copper and sterling.

This one is a lot of fun

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  1. Such a clever use of fabric instead of ribbon! Lovely pieces :)