Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What a surprise!!! My daughter RAWKS!

I had a big box waiting on me when i got home from work last nite. I knew Jo had sent me a package because she said i had to be on the phone with her when I opened it, but I didn't realize it would be that big!

So what was in the box?!!?!? She sent me a box of wonderful hand made love!!!! Pillows she made from place mats. Hand towels she sewed bits of Christmas fabric on. Pre cut wooden ornaments, panted and sparkley. A bear and penguin ornament, she made from polymer clay....(she showed me pictures of the first attempt when she used the wrong clay - they melted everywhere - it was so funny) Hand quilted place mats, made by Grandma. She made sweatshirts and coffee mugs for all of us as well - too funny. She also found a Christmas card she made when she was 8, a Big Bird ornament she painted, and one of my favorite decorations, a carousal from Hallmark.

This was as much a prank as it was heart felt. All of this work, because I am decorating for Christmas this year. I normally don't because there is never anyone home. Jo used to always go and see my parents for Christmas and James would go and see his, leaving me at home, because I always had to work. Well this year, James is going to stay home. But now the cun-none-drum - Jo has all of my Christmas decorations!!! I was going to have to start over. Last week I was at the Dollar Store and she called. She got an earful of me just bitching that I have to re buy all of this stuff. I had decided to start small, and get a few things and then after Christmas hit the sales.

I talked to her over Skype while I opened the box and went thru it's contents. We screamed and laft and had the best time!!!

So you see, my daughter rawx!!!!


  1. Great box of goodies. I just can't make myself get the Christmas tree and decorations out this year, don't know why, usually I like doing all the decorating and the kids always used to call me the Christmas tree nazi because I wouldn't let anyone near it and if they touched or shifted anything on it they'd be in trouble. Enjoy all your wonderful Christmas things.

  2. Yes, she really does! A great daughter you have. :-)