Monday, December 27, 2010

Wonderful Handmade Christmas!

I just had to show off what Jo made me for Christmas!
We had vowed to do a Hand made Christmas - so it either had to be handmade by us - or by someone else. Doing the shop local, shop hand made theme

Jo went above and beyond. I am so thrilled.

She buys me hoodies on a regular basis - I live in them. This year - she made me a monster hoodie :) (that is her in the picture)

A J.A.T. tote!!!!!!!! Omg i love this thing!!!

A decorative scarf. I have to buy a blazer to wear it on.

James even got in on the spirit of things and is out in his workshop finishing up my present...what could it be!?!?!

I hope you had a great Christmas kids!!!

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