Thursday, December 9, 2010

The White Heron Art Gallery

I am just stupid with excitement.

I was picked up by The White Heron Art Gallery in Dunn, NC!

I did a show a while back in Dunn, one I do every year, and a woman approached me, commenting on my jewelry. She had on a delicious necklace and I asked her if she made it. She says 'No, this is one of my artists - I have a gallery - I would love to see some of your pieces in my gallery"

My jaw dropped. I was approached...someone approached me....
This is how I felt -

Today I took her 50 pieces to have a selection to choose from - she took them all and wants more!

The White Heron is a quaint little gallery located on Cumberland Street in the 'Corbett House' for those of you who are familiar with Dunn. Adelaide Page, the owner of The White Heron says - "My goal is to showcase all forms of art - not just one" and she sure does. When you walk in the doors, you see the rooms filled with various types of art using many mediums and styles. It's designed to showcase all styles of art - both 2D and 3D. Each piece is as unique as the artists who created them. There is something to please just about every taste imaginable!

Adelaide, herself and artist, but only recently. Adelaide didn't begin painting until 2005. She took a painting class with her friend as 'something to do' and fell in love with the experience. Now an accomplished artist she has much to be proud of. Her third painting (ever) - a Great White Egret, was selected to hang in the main offices of the N.C. Community College system for a year. Soon after, it hung in the N.C. Dept of Insurance main conference room at the head of the conference table for another year. Two days after she picked it up from the Dept. of Insurance, she sold it! Recently, the painting, "I can't believe I Ate the Whole Thing", hung at the main offices of the N.C. Community College system for a year and was also on display in Clayton during June, 2010.

I have got to get busy and get more inventory done - I am doing the market this weekend!!!!


  1. I'm so happy for you Tish, that's brilliant news.I just know your pieces will walk out the door of the gallery. Would love to see some pics of your display there. You go girl!