Thursday, December 23, 2010

New Copper Pendants!

Found some time to make a couple pendants yesterday, thought I would share em here.

African bloodstone bead

This is a quartz - what kind I am not for sure. It is a top drilled pendant, so I just made a huge wrap at the top and added a swirl and seed beads for accent.

This one is a basket weave for lack of better words. I don't know what this style is called. This one is surprisingly easy, but time consuming. I thought I would try and break it down for you.

Create your loop or bale at the top of the wire, and then measure it around the cab. Lay the cab on your table, and measure the wire around the cab, slightly above where it is touching the surface. Make a wrap with the tail to secure it to the bale.

Turn the cab over. Make a loop at the end of the wire, and now measure the wire around the inside edge of the cab, and make a loop on the other end of the wire.

Use wire to connect the loops, to stabilize the base wire. (1) Wrap some wire around the base to stabilize the bottom of pendant (2) You will remove these as you work thru the piece

Start on one side (1) and begin your wrap. Wrap several times around the loop on the wire back then bring it over the top wire, and then back under the bottom wire - making a figure 8. You can do single wraps or make additional wraps on the top wire to space out the figure 8. EX. Two wraps on the top wire, down and under the bottom wire, two wraps, up and over the top wire, two wraps and so forth. Make several wraps to stabilize the one side, and use a second piece of wire and start on the other side. (2) Work your way down either side, alternating to keep the wires even and tight. If you want to add the decorative wire, (3) make a loop in a separate piece of wire. As you are working down the side of the pendant, position where you want your decorative piece to start, and when you wrap over the top wire, wrap over both pieces of wire. Then continue on with your figure 8. Leave the decorative wire til last.

Continue down both sides of the cab, until you get close to the bottom where you have anchored it. Clip the anchor wire off and continue with the figure 8 wrap til you meet at the bottom. Finish the wrap by wrapping it around the bottom wire a couple of times and giving it a good mash with your needle nosed pliers. Remove the anchor wire from the back of the pendant

Free form your your decorative wire, around the top. You can wire wrap the wire to give it extra texture, wire in crystals to the loops, the possibilities are endless.

I hope this gives you some insight on how to do this wrap. If this is clear as mud, leave me a comment, I'll wrap another one, and do step by step pictures.

Happy Wrapping!!!!

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  1. Love the pendant and I'm b/marking this post so I can read through the instructions and have a go. Wanted to wish you a very merry Christmas and a wonderful happy, healthy and prosperous new year as well. Take care and be safe and eat lots of turkey.