Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rings & Things blogger challenge

I was going for a summery design with this piece. It is fun and full of texture with the bamboo coral. This is one of the pieces that just fell together as I worked. All of the pieces were right there in reach and I didn't have to hunt for that perfect component. Don't you love when that happens?

*20-565 -White bamboo coral - short branch
Re purposed beads from a necklace
Brass chain

I tied knots in the hemp cord randomly and added the re purposed beads between the knots.
I attached the hemp to the toggle ring by pushing the cord thru the ring and then securing it with a wrap of brass colored wire.

I anchored a piece of beadalong to the toggle and strung on the coral beads with more of the re purposed beads.

Then with jump rings I attached a length of the brass chain.

This one is a 'Take me out I sizzle' necklace. A random design embracing chaos. It is one that says "I take chances" or "You better keep up if you want to hang with me" statement.
*28-399-06-232 - 5) 6mm faceted round - ruby
*28-000-001-252 - 4) 10mm faceted puffed coin - red
*28-000-003-252 - 6) 8mm faceted helix -siam
*28-000-002-252 - 5) 8mm facted roundelle - siam
*28-000-002-021 - 11) 8mm facted roundelle - black
*28-000-003-021 - 3) 8mm facted helix - black
*28-000-001-021 - 3) 10mm faceted puffed coin -black
Waxed linen

I cut 6 lenghts of 25" of waxed linen. Separated out the beads into six groups and tied them onto the linen cord randomly. I added the red seed beads to break it up some and also some of the beads have very large holes and would slide over the knots. Folded the ends over a jump ring and secured them with a wire wrap. This and easy peasy design. Quick to make.

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  1. Love 'em both Tish! You really juiced up the creativity engine this time. I do b'lieve you could sell some of these...

    :) Dave
    at Rings & Things

  2. As a matter of fact Dave, i just got an order for the bracelet :) they need a bigger one.

  3. Oh my gosh, I'm not happy about your comment above, I just finally am catching up and I really want that bracelet!! I love so many things that I see on your blog and have restrained myself before from saying, "I need that"!, but seriously, I need that bracelet!! Can I buy or trade? I understand if not and I will just have to be on the lookout for the other pieces since I have the white chips. :)