Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Learning to love turquoise

I was not a fan, I'll admit it. The only reason I started working with turquoise is my husband. We were at the Tucson Gem show, I was completly in sensory overload, wanting to buy everything at the first table I saw. If it wasn't for my husband I dont' think I would have made it. He dragged me by the hand keeping me on a steady cruisng pace to see all there was to see, then let me go. By then I had calmed down and was at a mere froth as opposed to a frenzy, somewhat in control. As we shopped, he kept taking me back to the turquoise. I didn't want any, I didn't like it - he said, "it isnt what you want dear, it is what your customers want."

I hate when he is right.......

In my mind I see the squash blossoms set in heavy silver designs from the 70's. I can't do that. I am a stringer. On the flip side of that, when I would see turquoise, it was a single strand of nothing but turquoise. Elegant, yes, boring, could be. Stop making excuses, Tish. I had to get over what I thought turquoise was for and find out what it was about. Turquoise is a great stone, beautiful in color, a beautiful focus, and a wonderful accent. It really does have it all. I have had a lot of fun with turquoise since then and I have to give my husband all the credit.

This is a fun chunky necklace that came about from the focal. About a 18 months ago, I was playing with this chunk of turquoise, trying to figgure out how to wrap it. It is so round I was having a hard time coming up with a design that would hold it securly. It is a drilled bead so I went with the obvious. I didn't care for it and set it aside. I came across it again, that little lonely piece of turquoise needing to be placed in a design. So I sat down to work.

Turquoise has an earthy feel to me. A real connection with the earth and all the things around me, so pairing it with wood was a no brainer.

I used a triple strand design. First strand of solid tiger eye. The second of red toho 3/0 beads accented with turquoise. The third strand, the 'focus strand', a symmetrical pattern of turquoise, red beads, quartz and wood beads. I added the wrapped pendant stone to the third strand. Then loosely weave them all together for a fun and jumbled look. It hangs about 20" so it is great with about any style shirt.

That lonely pendant that started it all.

What projects have you started and then set aside? Try picking it back up and see what creativity comes your way!

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