Monday, January 18, 2010

Don't rush the creativity - Rings & Things Blogger challenge

I love being a blogger for Rings & Things. Dave is fantastic with his support, and encouragement. He is the first person to ever comment on my blog, even before I began to blog with them. He is interested in your opinions about the product, your thought processes and the final design. He seems to be truly waiting in anticipation to see what you make. It makes me giddy.

Now flip that coin. I have guilt. I don't feel I am always up for the challenge. Dave has never once asked me "I sent you a item, and I have never seen you use it, what's up with that?" There is no pressure to 'perform' from him, only that you do your best and be honest with the product.
I want to be fair to Dave. I dont' want to work with the product because it is there. I want to be true to it. Still, it troubles me to see the beads on my work table, or I run across them in my inventory and I feel that pang...I put them out and push them around on the table - and -


I had found a mess of beads from last summer that came from one of the Designer Assortments for the blogger challenge. This one was pastels - sea foam greens, pinks and blues. It just didn't speak to me. I worked up a necklace with some of it last year, but there was still so much of it left over. I was stumped, and personally, I was a bit put off with them. There is nothing wrong with the quality of the beads, nor the ABUNDANCE of the pieces you get for the price. It is a fantastic deal, so much so, I bought the black Designer Assortment, and have made many things from it. I think it was mebbe the colors. Bottom line, I was being a bit petty I think, because I didn't like them.

You are getting wordy again Tish - Where are you going with this??? Let me make a left turn and then we'll get back on track, promise.

I went to a party a while back, several people there I didn't know. Met some great people and met some artists that, well - because they were good, they no longer felt they needed to connect. I don't want to be that artist. I don't ever want to be above anyone else's art. I never judge your vision or the destination you chose for your piece. I never 'pity' a beginner due to to many questions or that they 'haven't found their direction yet'. I can't. I can't understand when others do. We were all beginners once. If that is how you have to evolve to be successful, then no sir, I don't want it. It isn't that precious to me to give up reaching out to all artists with encouragement and support.

That woke me up and I re considered the Designer Assortment again. I am in Bead Trends (they are accepting entries till the 28th!) mode so my pieces are very summery right now. These beads were perfect for that challenge. I paired them with copper and amazonite for light and whimsical look for any summer activity!

I did a 'hippie wrap' around a piece of carved MOP with copper wire. Next string four strands to create the bulk of the design.

First strand is amazonite chips, seperated with copper spiral beads and rose quartz. (amazonite is the stone of truth, rose quartz is the stone of passion, perfect for this piece)
Second strand is the beads from the Designer Assortment strung randomly
Third and fourth strand is the seed beads that come in the Designer Assortment as a compliment to the beads. I strung the two strands thru one copper bead.
Random weaving of the strands and connected with a copper S clasp

And here she is.

Close up of the focal

Never feel you are not up for the challenge - don't rush yourself. The creativity will come!

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  1. This old "hippie" thinks you nailed it with this necklace! Makes me want to run barefoot in the grass! If only the grass was green and lush these days, but that's the "old" person in me talking! (lol) It's a pretty spring piece! I appreciate your blog posts and all your encouragement to me, so know that you aren't one of those people! Enjoy your day!

  2. With the fullness of time come good ideas. This is fun, Tish, and the more so for me because the copper wrapping on the focal reminds me of the egg-holding implement that comes in Easter-egg coloring kits. :) Good going, blog partner!

    at Rings & Things

  3. I think it's lovely Tish. Just another old "hippie" who is still looking for their direction, chiming in. I agree you're definitely not one of "those" people.