Friday, January 8, 2010

More packaging ideas - to set you apart

I got a sweet little note in the mail from the winner of my December giveaway.

The person who won, actually did not have email, so she had no idea she had won until the package arrived in the mail. She sent me a little note inside tiny origami boxes -

I love personalized packaging. I did a post back in April, 2009 - Wrap it up - on the little fabric pouches that I use for all of my orders. One customer told me she put ornament hooks in them and hung them on the tree for Christmas presents! The idea hit me - these would be great little packaging ideas. That little extra something that you can do to set yourself apart. Customers love that special attention to detail. These would work great for earrings or smaller necklaces.

I used the boxes that Barbara sent me as the examples in these pictures. I put the earrings in the box on card stock with a hand written thank you

Fold over the edges and secure it with a bright sticker. Beautiful!!

I found these instructions online:

Have fun!!!


  1. Those are darling. What a great idea!

  2. I made a bunch of origami boxes for Christmas. They're fun to make!

    I just read your post on the pouches. I will have to try that on my fabric scraps! Thanks for posting that :)

  3. This is wonderful! Can't wait to try myself.

  4. These are all very trendy and innovative packaging designs which are all admirable.