Thursday, July 28, 2011


Vacation for us is going home to visit family. Illinois for my folks and New York for James'. Wouldn't trade these trips home for any island get away or mountain ron-day-vu.

This is the house I want to call home. Smack dab on the shore line of Lake Ontario. This is a view from the back deck.

This 'Lake' (seems like a small sea to me) takes my breath away. It is so vast. When there is a good breeze, which is 95% of the time out here, the lake actually breaks on the shore like the ocean. Amazing.

From the kitchen table you can sit by the back door and listen to the waves. My favorite spot in the house. We could and do sit here for hours over a beverage and laff and talk for hours. Could completely waste a day right here.

I brought my 'Mondo Delux' busy bag with me for this week, because I didn't know what to bring and panicked :)

I have four trays of seed beads, crystals, findings - already sorted, wire, beading wire, bracelet blanks (hammer at home, cuz I didnt' want to bring my anvil), tools, roll of chain, and a couple tupperware containers with random handfuls of beads. It is going to be fun:)

Today has started off wonderful, a walk with the dog, a wander with the camera, and a stroll down memory lane. Comet may have the right idea, lets take a nap and then see what the rest of the day brings :)
May as well - here it is 11:30 and I am still in my pajamas!!!!

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  1. It's against vacation law not to be in your jarmies at 11.30. The lake looks amazing, a perfect view to inspire some gorgeous jewelery.Have a wonderful time Tish.