Monday, July 25, 2011

Share your designs - Win Beads!

Got this email today, looks fun!
I am gonna try - what bout you?

This is a monthly GIVEAWAY. is proud to feature your artwork, and we invite you to submit images of your favorite projects to the Customer photographs section and participate in our monthly draft. You can win US$20-worth of tagua beads and coconut beads (free shipping) to incentive your creativity and environmental awareness using ecofriendly beads. Here's how you can be included:

  • We accept and will participate all designs of jewlery beaded WITH ANY MATERIAL), NO RESTRICTIONS!
  • Email your name and attached image to
  • Please describe your project (ie: necklace, bracelet, home d├ęcor)
  • Include the name of your design... If you have named it!

Photography tips:

  • Photos should be a minimum of 500x500 pixels
  • To best results, place dark designs on a light background and light artwork on a dark background.


  • Will participate all the designs that we will recibe until the 25th of each month (deadline). All these designs will be published in our blog site under the category (contest & promotions). The wining design will be the one that recibes the larger number of comments unitl the 25th day of the next month (counting day). Winner will be announced 5 days after. Ex. Designs receipt until Feb 25th (deadline) will be participating until Mar 25th (counting day), and on Mar 30th we will announcing the winner.
  • Only one comment per person will count. No repeated comments will be accepted, nor offensive or out of line comments.
  • Winner will be notified by email, and will be published in our blog.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the artistic credit of the artwork displayed here, please contact us at

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Learn about Tagua and how we manufacture Tagua Beads

Winners Jewelry Making Contest

FEB 2011 - Meet the Mystic Jaguar by Allie Thornton

MAR 2011 - Design by Accesorios Sara Maruri

April 2011 – Biambi by Coffee Lovah

May 2011 - No contestants

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