Saturday, July 30, 2011

New York Blues - More Vacation

Wasn't that a T.V. show??

This 'set' ended up happening while making a bunch of separates :)

Off set design of copper chain, lapis, and crystals

Lapis wrapped in copper with swarovski accents for the focal

Lapis, glass pearls, swarovski, iolite and chalcedony randomish necklace

Copper bangle with lapis, glass pearls, swarovski crystals and chalcedony

I kept working with the same handful until they were all gone and came up with all of these! The strung necklace is the perfect length to wear with the chain necklace as a great compliment. I did make a pair of earrings but forgot to take the picture :)

These stones are such a sweet and gentle combination. Blue is a peaceful color in itself and these stones are a testament to that.

Lapis brings truthfulness, openness, and creativity. It can help organize daily life as well as organizing and quieting a busy or restless mind. Lapis also helps build self-confidence, and is a stone traditionally for royalty. Lapis bring spiritual love and is also known for enhancing love and fidelity within marriage.

Blue chalcedony is said to foster balance between mind, body and spirit. It is a stone of calm and peace that is reputed to reduce or negate hostility, anger, and irritation. It is also reported to metaphysically encourage and ease communication, particularly what would otherwise be emotionally charged communication.

Iolite one of the best stones to use in psychic, healing, and spiritual activities. It helps one grow spiritually in a gentle fashion. It is also said to help build relationships of all kinds.

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