Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer clovers in resin

Over the weekend I sucked it up, mixed up a mess of resin, and poured another bezel cup using a clover given to me by a friend who wanted them set in resin.

I was nervous as all get out because the last one I tried turned out milky, for a lack of better words.

This time - PERFECT!! It was like it was set behind glass. This go around, I set it up under a can light and let it 'bake' that may be the key for me and resin.

Leigh was home and had a blast taking pictures with the light box.

Here is the finished product.

Close up of the pendant

Earrings I made to accent the necklace

I learned this weekend - dont' be afraid to try new things :)

1 comment:

  1. OK. I'm silly but I may have to google "can light" because I can't figure out what type of light it is.


    Oh I see. So it keeps the light focused on one area.

    I've been wanting to try resin since I started making stuff.

    I love the clover pendant. LOVE. IT. And the earrings you made too. :D