Friday, July 29, 2011

More Vacation!

Yesterday was so relaxing. We sat around the table and told stories thru the day - some true, most not :)

I took advantage of some quiet time while the men folk were napping and busted out the contents of the Mondo Delux Busy Bag and made some jewelry.

It was overwhelming at first - everything is so hodgepodge - then I just took a breath, and reached in and grabbed a few things, and made myself work with them.


This is a multi layer necklace of fresh water pearl, dyed agate and swarovski crystals.

I have a few more of the angel wing pearls left, hopefully enuff for a bracelet and earrings.

Last nite we went to visit James brother. Jon took us to his friends farm and we rode her horses.

James on Pooh Bear the quarter horse, receiving his instruction. He was a sweet baby

Me out bouncing around on Eastman the Thoroughbred. He was hard headed and didn't want to do anything. We had a quiet Jesus come to meetin in the back 40 and he straightened right out - May have been I mentioned the Alpo plant........

We bounced around for an hour, walked em out, and put 'em to bed. Then off in our stinky sweaty clothes to dinner.

I kept smelling my hands - nothing smells better than horse sweat :)

Tonite - THE FAIR!!!!!!!


  1. Glad you're having a good time! I love the smell of horses, too, and the necklace is very pretty!

  2. How lucky are you trotting around on horses. I haven't been on one for years and I've probably forgotten how to ride, not that I was very good to start with. I really like the design of the necklace....make more!