Monday, November 8, 2010

New copper bangles!

I got some inspiration from Karen of Artful Crafts addition to the's Photos - Colors of Fall Design Partners Gallery I, copper bangle.

Isn't this the GREATEST!!! I fell in love with this design and I had to try and make one myself.

I used 12 ga wire and wrapped it around a spray paint can. That makes about a 7 1/2 inch bangle. Made loops at the ends of the wire and hammered them. Then I took 22 ga wire and wrapped all the way around the bangle to hold the wire in shape. Next took more 22 ga wire and started to wrap and add beads - alternating with seed beads and gemstones.

Loads of fun and really quick to make. I was surprised I could make one in about an hour.


  1. I have been DYING to make bangles. I saw a picture of wire wrapped with embroidery floss but couldn't figure out how to actually form the bangle. Thanks for sharing how you do it :D

    I LOVE how you hammered the loops too. Fun little detail. And I like how you're wrapping the beads too... the wraps around the head of the bead (I don't know how else to describe it) reminds me of like a mount. Sooo pretty.

  2. Oh, yeah! Love them! I wanna try!

    I'm a little overwhelmed with wire because of all the different gauges. I don't know where to start! Is copper wire available at the hardware store in different gauges?