Thursday, November 4, 2010

Autumn inspired necklace

ArtBeads is doing a "What inspires you?" beading contest for great prizes

It got me to thinking - everything around me is an inspiration. I think it is fun to do an abstract interpretation of the things around me, and see if it will turn into some fun jewelry.

One of my favorite things in life is an autumn sky. More than likely because of where I grew up . The summers were brutal and humid. There was always a haze in the air, and the sky was always dull due to it. The winters were gray and wet, and I swear, those blue skies snow birded down to Florida. But fall - omg, glorious fall. The humidity was gone, the air was crisp and cool, and the colors - those life changing, memory making beautiful blasts of fall colors, oh how I adore you :)

So I wanted to make a necklace that showed those golden leaves rustling in the cool breeze and the blue skies peaking thru them.

I found this image and it took my breath away.

I wanted to capture the bits of sky that you see when you look up thru the leaves, so I added faceted blue crystals in the amber strand.

Every so often there is a swarovski crystal to catch the light and give a glint like sunlight thru the leaves.

What inspires you?


  1. What a beautiful interpretation. You captured it perfectly!

  2. India has been inspiring me lately... more like I've been obsessing over it. Hahaha!

    I think you captured the image beautifully!

    I saw some orange beads today when I went charm shopping and I thought of you. You're so bold with your colors. Its pushing me to break out of my comfort zone.

  3. I love this. I'm intrigued by the pendant...what is it? I don't really know what inspires me. I just get these weird images pop into my head at inappropriate times.

  4. I love your combination of colors, the inclusion of the blue to represent the sky really makes it pop!

    I glean inspiration from the strangest things. I have a bracelet inspired by the stuffed peppers my husband made for dinner to prove it. ;) They looked so bright and fresh in red, green, yellow, and orange. I'm always looking forward to the next oddity that piques my creativity.