Friday, November 19, 2010

Change'n it up some - New way to display earrings

Ever just need a change? Just something to mix it up some, something to breath a little life into what you have been doing? That is what I need. I wanted to do something to perk up the booth, perk up myself, 'specially doing a show tomorrow.

And the idea hit - I wanted to change up the way I am displaying my earrings. I stormed around the house gathering up items I would need. In the process I yell at James "Have you seen my scissors?" - "No," he replies "I don't mess with your stuff - I value my life!"....Good man :)

I have some card stock, scissors, hole punch, stamp, ink, ornament hangers, star shaped paper cutter thingy, paint brush and the grand daddy of all crafting items, the item of a million uses - Modge Podge. (this is the equivalent of JB Weld for any handy dandy fix-it ppl you know)

I picked a color of card stock - cut it into rectangles

Punched a hole at the top. *grumble* Why oh WHY do I continue to keep trying to paint my nails?? I MUST remember to remove that before tomorrow.

The star stamp is kinda my signature. I use it on all of my earring cards, and it is a nice decoration.

Some of the colors of card stock may be too dark for a stamp - so - cut out a star of a lighter color and glue it on your card stock. Or cut out 2 or 3 different colors and decorate it up some! I didn't have glue - so that is where the Modge Podge and paint brush comes in. Just a little dab 'il do ya!!

Put the ornament hook in the top and WAH-LA!!!! You have a hanging earring display!

I hung em on my earring board . They are crazy colorful and eye catching. My poor dog, while I was hanging them, trotted back and forth from me to the door, he says "Mom! It's pretty out!! Let's go play!!"

Then browsing blogs this morning, I found this over at Deez News - She has some great display ideas and I LOVE this idea. Earrings on a fun little stamped card, in a cell-eh-fain envelope and displayed in a wrought iron basket. Too Cute!!!!

Here is the aftermath of my little project this morning. I spent too much time in the yard playing with the dogs, and left a mess to clean up when I get home from work.

What are your display ideas?

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. I love your idea way better. The earring board is fantastic, what a great idea. Your cards are gorgeous too, colours are very eye catching and that's what you want.

  2. Those are pretty and colorful and eyecatching!

    My sister has commented on the packaging I've received and thinks us jewelry makers are just pretty crafty people! : )