Thursday, November 18, 2010

Welcome to My World - Life of and ADHD Jewelry Designer

While sitting at my worktable this morning, I was suddenly overwhelmed with the projects I have started, and none that I have finished. I have been operating in some sort of hyper drive these past two weeks. Ideas are racing thru my head faster than I can get them out of my fingers. I can't seem to commit to just one. I have to do them all!!!

1. A new earring design.....I can make one, but am having a hard time making the 2nd one at least similar

2. I have a bag of old pc133 memory sticks I want to do some 'Geek Chic' stuffs with......

3. Copper pendant I am working on ...... not quite happy with it yet.

4. Jo brought me a mess of old watches - I have busted them all apart and want to make something Steam Punky, or Industrial.

5. Fixing a necklace that one of the beads broke and now there is a gap in the strand.

6. Making earrings for the show I am doing on Saturday.

7. Making ear wires for the metric butt ton of earrings I have made.

I still have to finish my signage for the show, make new earring cards, wash and press my table covers, get out my newsletter, tag new items......and 100 more things I am sure I have forgotten

Whew Kids!!!!!

Does this happen to you?? Do you have a thousand projects started and none finished? How do you get them all done?!!?!??


  1. ADHD! Is there a pill I can take for that? Preferably covered in chocolate? I am so glad to see that I am not the only one. I am not supposed to be looking at blogs right now but I had to when I saw your pile. Looks like mine! I just wrote about orderliness... really it escapes me. I think we could start a support group!

    Enjoy the day!

  2. It's scary...I'm exactly the same. I've got at least 10 different things on the go and every time I start something a new idea pops into my head so before I forget it I'll start on that. Maybe I should start a journal and start putting my ideas into that so I can at least finish something. Erin's idea of a choccy covered pill is great.

  3. everything goes better with chocolate!!!

  4. Ha! Thought it was just me with the unfinished project pile... glad I'll have company in the institution. For me, so many ideas seem good at the onset, but go astray somewhere and I think that is why I push some of them aside. Other times, I think they just get lost in the mess of beads and stuff that I haven't put away from the last finished project.

    By the way, I want to play at your table, those watch pieces are yummy!

  5. Most times it is one after the other. Even works in absolute chaotic times. Good luck!