Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Share your Wares - Not gonna let a good thing die

Back in Feb I had an idea an posted it on my blog - I called it "Share your Wares"

I got some response but not what I wanted. I had high hopes for this taking off and beaders around the world trading with others for fun stuffs!

Not just beaders - what if you did other crafts - what if you were a scrap booker and you wanted some beads for a new idea and you had some great scrap booking things to trade. Why not!??!

I know we all 'cross craft' :)

So I am going to throw it out there again - Share your Wares - why not? Coming into the holiday season, I know we are all working feverishly getting all of our hand crafted gifts together and finished. Is there something in particular you are looking for? Why not offer to trade something you have for something you need? This blog community that I have come to know and love is a generous lot - I bet this would not only be great networking for everyone, but it would build new friendships as well.

Go back, read the post and tell me what you think. I'll be adding pictures later of things I have that I would love to trade. Facebook it - Tweet it - Blog it. The more the merrier!!!!

What do you have to trade?


  1. Brilliant idea! I am an avid cross crafter! While I currently spend most of my time making jewelry, I also participate in scrapbooking and card-making. I'd love to swap some of my duplicate rubber stamps (oops... over-buyer), embellishments, and small beads that I don't use much now, for big chunky and kitschy jewelry supplies. Of course, I rarely say "no" to a cool rubber stamp that I don't already own. I can't wait to see what others might have to share and do tell what you seek... who knows what I have hiding in my over-packed craft room. :) (I keep worrying that someone will catch wind of my crafting issues and turn me in to that "Hoarders" show. LOL!)

  2. Awesome! I love your excitement! Let's spread the word. the more people we get interested the more items there are to trade!

  3. Yup,I love this idea! I used to be an avid stamper/scrapbooker but don't really do it anymore. I sold the majority of my stamps, but still have a ton of embellishment-type stuff, card stock, paper punches, ribbons, etc.... I'm in, if you get it going!