Friday, June 4, 2010

Enuff with the copper already!!!!

I am hooked on copper, orange and blue right now - I can't get enuff!! Most of my designs seem to be taking that turn as well :)

I did these this morning before work. The glass is side drilled and they are a good size. I bought them because of the color and then became intimidated by their size. I ran across them while rummaging thru my pack and thought it was time to try and work them into a design.

One of the ways I get the free form ideas (altho i guess they wouldn't be free form at that point) is I lay the bead on a piece of paper and doodle around it. It allows me to find a 'flow' around the bead, and it also helps to give me a visual - or a reference while I am working.

I love this one - that blue is so bright - it looks like it is lit up! Is like a little blue lantern

All shades of blue!!!! Funky, chic, clunky design. I may have to keep this one.....

You know me and random :)

Have a great weekend kids - am gonna be a the market all weekend wish me luck!!!


  1. I love your wire work blue pendant. I have a thing for light blue and orange. Very creative design. I like how bale and the center loop are over each other with the briolette in the center.

  2. When you're on a good thing stick to it, I say. Your on a winner with the copper and that pendant is sublime

  3. Love it! I'm always drawn to copper.

    Good luck this weekend!

  4. Tish, I think I love copper just a tiny bit more than buttons. And I LOVE that blue pendant you made. It really does glow, doesn't it? I'm loving your wire works! :D

  5. Awww, com'on, can you ever really have enough copper?