Monday, June 7, 2010

Simple summer accessories - Copper wire cuffs

Summer seems to be the busy time when all things slow down and take a back seat to livin' the life of a lazy summer day. I have noticed this is the same for my blog.

I am starting to slow down on my posts because I am busy with back yard BBQ's, pool parties, picnics and everything else summer.

On top of that I am at the market each weekend. I am finding little time to do much of anything these days :)

I had some time this weekend and started to play with a little idea. A copper bracelet, simple, but busy. I started with a length of 14 ga wire. Made spirals on the ends and the bent it around to form a cuff. This is a soft copper and very bendy. If I would have made it at home, I would have tumbled it to harden it. It needs to have some pliability to it so you can fit it on and off your wrist, but not as much as it has right now.

There was that naked piece of wire. Simple was the word, but there needed to be something else. I wrapped the cuff with 18 ga. copper wire. It gave the cuff a bit more of a sturdy feel, but still was easy enuff to form around your wrist. While I wrapped I added accents. Seed beads, facted beads, what ever little 1's and 2's I had laying around.

And these little treasures were born.

They are narrow enuff for you to stack several of them on. Create your own look!

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