Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's in the bag!!!

Ok kids!! Are you ready to see what is in the bag!!! I dumped it all out and here it is!!
I got a great deal on silver - which made me happy. The prices are getting so high, I have nearly worked it out of my inventory. You can see a couple of spools and a packaged coil as well.

These are the items picked out for a special order for a customer. You will see more of this soon :)

More silver - head pins, crimp tubes, ear wires, toggles, and some clear Swarovski crystals.

Here is a close up of the beads!!!!

1. Dyed magnesite skulls!!! how cute!! I already have these ear marked for Tirza's. I can't wait to show them to Anne!
2. 5mm copper daisy spacers
3. sterling silver spacers (two strands)
4. sterling silver skulls - SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!
5. 5mm faceted glass - AB finish
6. Copper plated beads
7. African Bloodstone - *faints* I have never heard of this before. It is bee-you-tee-foe!!! I bought this for Jo. Bloodstone is her all time favorite stone in the world. She will be here next week!! We are going to make jewelry!!!
8. Copper daisy spacers
9. Faceted quartz roundells
10. Tiny citrine roundells
11. MATTE FINISH CITRINE NUGGETS!!! have you ever seen anything more beautiful!!!!
12. Millie-Fee-Or-Ee glass coins. Can't wait to work with these!!! These will be perfect for my wire wrapped cuffs!!
13. AB finish glass heishi cut
14. Blue shell pearls! I could NOT BELIEVE the deal I got on these. I wanted to buy the whole table. I love these. There were more colors - pastels, purples, greens. I literally made a fool of myself when I saw these on the table. I gasped and said - 'Holy Cow!! Seriously!!' It brought others to the table to see what I was so excited about. These shell pearls are on my list of 'What makes my heart happy'. They are so much fun!
15. Brown shell pearls!!!! *refer to #14*

I can't wait to dive into these. I have so many ideas. It is fun to get new stuffs to help oil the squeaky cogs of creativity!!!!

Now if I can just get the bathroom done!! I came home last nite and James had cleaned up one mess so I could make another.

So this morning I tapped and edged and got half the bathroom painted before I had to leave for work.

I'll get the painting done tonite, and we will be at a stopping point. We can put the shelving and the mirror back up. At least we will be able to use the bathroom while we save up for the next round :)

Tomorrow kids!!!!


  1. I'm glad you found lots of bargains Tish, do you know how jealous I am? good luck with the bathroom, renovations are an absolute pain to get through, but it will be worth it in the end.

  2. Oh my! I'm so envious of your new stash. LOL Good thing you can't see my eyes, they almost popped out when I saw those African Bloodstone and Shell Pearls!

    Goodluck on the BR... I would love to see it once it's done.:)

  3. The skulls make me think of fun and colorful summer designs. And I love the millefiori beads! I can never have too many colors. :-)