Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blogger Program at Rings & Thing - Just got Better!

I got a Blog Partner update yesterday from Dave at Rings & Things. The information was too good to not pass along.

Rings & Things is changing the way the Blogger Partner program works. This is an awesome idea!

To quote Dave:

"We've simplified, and we think improved, the program. This is based on the kind of feedback I've gotten previously from our Blog Partners, so thank you all! Here are some of the changes:

Any one can become a Blog Partners (over 150 people have signed up already!)
The load on any individual partner is reduced: we'll send "goodie packs" to a random drawing of 10 partners a month.
Once you're in the Blog Partner pool, your name can be drawn over & over again.
All Blog Partners will get featured in our Facebook album.
We've planned these changes with the hope that they'll mean more of all the good things we've noticed happening for Blog Partners: More exposure for each partner. More cross-fertilization of ideas--and links! And more of a low-to-no pressure experience, since we want this to stay really fun for everyone. "

Hurry kids!! Sign up!! Get your name in the goodie pool and watch the fun begin!


  1. I saw this on Twitter and signed up. I can't believe all I had to do was ask! How cool is that?!