Thursday, June 10, 2010

Times they are a changin'

I found a bag of some of the original jewelry I made back in 2006, and WOW what a difference. (i am red faced..)

Not that there is a pattern to the path I have taken, it really is random - but what got me was the direction I seem to be going. When I look at my pieces, I am not very innovative. I don't combine eclectic components to create the pieces, but I do show an eclectic style.

I am a fan of necklaces, as anyone who follows my blog would know, and that is due to the size of the necklaces. It allows you to be more expressive when you are working on a 20 inch piece as opposed to an 8 inch bracelet.

Now it seems I am moving away from necklaces and doing more with wire. Oh how I love this path. I can see myself being exclusive to pendants and cuffs at this point, but who knows.

Join me now, back in time to where it all began :)

Back in 2006 -
it was all about stone chips and jump rings

Then I found some fun things at the hardware store

Long about 2007 I started to free up a bit, and get adventurous with my photography :)

2007 also began the love my love affair of big and bulky necklaces

2008 brought on the wire wrapping craze (i wear this one a lot)

And I began to get a bit more adventurous with my designs

2009 began the social networking - blogging, facebook, twitter - I have met some awesome people, received the best support and crazy inspiration. I took a step out again, outside myself and faced my fear of color.

Stayed with random - somethings are too deeply seated, but I never would have thought to use all these colors together.

Now here we are in 2010 and I am re inventing myself again!

I look back on some of those early designs and cringe - What was I thinking!! Jo still wears them and is proud that she was there from the beginning.

Would love to see some of your early pieces and see how you have grown in your craft - I dare you to post about them :)

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