Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Stuffs From Rings & Things!!!

I got my order just in time!! Am putting together pieces for the big show this weekend and my order from Rings & Things has arrived!

Look what I got!!

41-559 Crimp Tube, 2x2mm, "Size 2" (Sterling Silver)
61-810-19-87 Beadalon® Wire, 19 Strand, 0.015", 100' Spool (Bright Steel)
26-823 Bead, Copper Plated, Triangle Heishi (Copper Plated) * $8.00
22-313-CU Trade Bead, 3-4mm Barrel Heishi (Copper) * $7.50
47-406-SP Wire, Copper, 22g, Round, 125' (Solid Copper) (Not Pictured)
47-910-21 Wire, Stainless Steel, 21g, Square, 14.8' (Stainless Steel)
39-190-12-8 Clasp, Toggle, Cast, 12mm (Copper Plated)
47-900-20 Wire, Stainless Steel, 20g, Round, 19.7' (Stainless Steel)
47-900-24 Wire, Stainless Steel, 24g, Round, 39.4' (Stainless Steel)
41-256-03-00 Crimp, Tube, "Size 3", Variety Pack (Various Platings)
47-400-SP Wire, Copper, 18g, Round, 50' (Solid Copper) (Not Pictured)
47-900-22 Wire, Stainless Steel, 22g, Round, 32.8' (Stainless Steel)
37-505 Head Pin, 1.5", 0.020" Diameter (Sterling Silver)
26-840-01-AC Bead, Brass, Heishi, 7x3mm (Antiqued Copper Plated) * $12.00 (my favorites)
37-415-3 Head Pin, 1.5", Thin (Silver Plated)
49-954-05-AC Bead, Cast, Flower, 5mm (Antiqued Copper Plated) * $12.63
26-814-13 Bead, Copper, Bicone, 3mm (Copper) * $4.40
47-408-SP Wire, Copper, 20g, Round, 79' (Solid Copper) (Not Pictured)
37-099-15-7 Head Pin, 1.5", Standard, Ball End (Antiqued Copper Plated)
34-963 French Hook Ear Wire, Plain, Argentium® Sterling Silver (Sterling Silver)
28-335-17 Bead, Glass, Calavera, Sugar Skull (Multicolor)
26-813-118 Bead, Copper, Flower, Rope (Antiqued Copper) * $7.75
47-402-SP Wire, Copper, 14g, Round, 20' (Solid Copper) (Not pictured)

Dave at Rings & Things was kind enough to let me pick out items for this months blog partner program. All of the items that are marked with '*' are part of this.

I am so EXCITED about the copper beads, especially the heishi cut copper beads. They are beautiful! The pictures on the site do not do them justice.

I bought more of the sugar skulls - they are soooo cute! Anne, my retailer at Tirza's Imports took everything I had made with these skulls and wanted more!

I ordered the stainless wire after having so many requests for it from customers who have nickle allergies. I can't wait to work with it.

There she is kids!! Now to get busy and get some stuff made.

Anyone have any simple/cheap/DIY display ideas? I want to give my booth some flare.

*FTC compliance disclosure: the '*' items mentioned in this post credited to Rings & ThingsBlog Partner Program. These items are for review or design purposes. Find out more about the Rings & Things Blog Partner Program were provided as a promotional gift as part of the


  1. I made "risers" by taping priority mail boxes together. (I had a surplus in my garage that I had ordered for ebay items.) I used four for the bottom, then two on top of those at the back, and covered the whole thing with black velvet. When sitting it on your table it gives you three levels. I also covered 2 of the more square shaped boxes in velvet to sit my "busts" on. I used lots of clear packing tape to tape them together and they're actually pretty sturdy.

  2. Cool idea from Jana! I hope you'll get more great suggestions about display ideas. I often notice that everyone has their own inspirations about this, so it's worth paying attention and learning a few tricks...

    at Rings & Things

  3. i loved the idea from Jana and used a 'version' of her idea with a wooden box I had. I need to get more material to cover the boxes with, but that is an awesome idea and I will be using it :) (am thankful the priority boxes are free - i have several of them :)