Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fun stuffs from Beadin Path - EZ bracelet sizer

Whew - I am out of practice! I haven't posted in a week due to some back issues and not being able to sit at a computer, but I am back on my feet (and backside) again and rearing to go!!

I got my order from Beadin Path last week and was really excited about one item in particular. I had an EZ bracelet sizer in the past but my dog ate it (no joke) and I needed another one, and was thrilled to find one from Beadin Path

As a free gift I got this great 'Create' Color Carousel!!! How awesome is this! Pick the color you are working with and find it's compliment and contrast!!!!! No more guessing! I love this thing!

Have you ever used a bracelet sizer? Here is the cool magic they work - check it out.
When I lie this bracelet flat, it is a little over 8" long. So you would think it would fit an 8 inch wrist - oh no!!!

*cue smoke and mirrors*

When you connect the toggle and drop it on the EZ bracelet sizer ....... OMG 7 1/4"!!!! It lost almost 1 whole inch!! where did it go?!!?

It is one of those pesky mathematical thingys I believe that causes this. The bracelet is one length, but due to the bulk of the beads, the inside circumference is different. The difference is not as great with the flatter beads.

Look at this one. Here is some fun vintage glass beads. Big and bulky - 14, 12 and 10mm beads. It measures the same - a little over 8" long.

Now bring the clasp together - wave your magic wand

Abrah cadabra!!!!!

6 3/4"!!!!!! well over an inch gone!!!

If you dont' have one of these little gems - they are so worth it. Especially if you have an online store. Customers will know exactly what size the bracelet it, as opposed to how long the bracelet is!

Til tomorrow kids!!!!

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  1. That's a great little tool! Especially when you like chunky beads it's tough to predict the wrist size the finished bracelet will fit :) Thanks for sharing!